Hey there, my name is Vlad Alboiu. I’m very passionate about Computer Science, apps and games development while also helping people with any means of technology. This is my website where you can find everything about the projects I’ve been working on in my spare time. Most of these projects have been developed for college but I’ll start working on more soon.

Current skills range:

  • Photo editing (Photoshop), Logo and icons creation (Ilustrator)
  • Programming ( C++, C#, Java, Swift)
  • Basic 3D modeling with texturing (Maya, Z Brush, Substance Painter)
  • Film editing ( Premier Pro, After Effects)
  • Experience in IDE’s (Xcode, Visual Studio, Android Studio)
  • Experience in game engines( most experience in Unity, just a bit in Unreal Engine)

You can contact me through the Contact page or on the following: