Electronic Business is a stunning and interactive app for learning and checking your knowledge. It can be used in classes such as Economics, Financial Education, Entrepreneurship Education, for knowledge strengthening and as an evaluationt or self-assessment method.

The application can be installed on your computer (Windows) or on your phone (Android) and contains an user-friendly interface.

Online Feature

Access the web interface

System Requirements


Android 4.4 or later | Windows 7 or later

Latest Version

Version Windows Android
1.2.1 Download Download
1.2.0 Download Download


V1.2.1 – 03/03/2018

  • General improvements:
    • Updated the engine from Unity 5.6 to Unity 2017.3.1f1
    • UI tweaks and some animations reworked
    • (Windows) Exclusive Fullscreen mode for improved performance
    • 32 and 64 bit versions available, setup will install the most suitable version for your system
    • Fixed misspellings and changed some names
    • Older save files are no longer compatible with this version due to path change
    • (Android) Added support for older devices (from android 4.4 kitkat and newer, instead of 6.0 lollipop)
    • Fixed the buttons panels bug where the rect transform wasn’t set correctly during animation
    • Performance improvements
    • Code optimizations
    • Added a hidden cheat. Let me know if you find it 😝
  • Main menu:
    • Added an option to access the app’s website
    • Settings menu is now accessible on Android
  • Quiz Screen:
    • Added animation to the warning popup when leaving to main menu
    • Added animation to the finish popup when finishing up the test
    • (Windows) Question progression can be achieved by left and right arrow keys
  • Settings:
    • (Windows) Fixed a bug where resolutions in the drop-down were duplicated
    • (Windows) Added refresh rate alongside resolutions which are now sorted in a descending order
    • Online feature: Added a toggle for the online feature with description. You can now choose not to upload your score online. This option is enabled by default
    • “Apply settings” button was removed and the settings save on change
    • Added version number
  • Score:
    • Score ID string generation now includes the device’s unique identifier
    • Fixed an internal error about a missing reference
    • When the online feature is disabled, the upload features will become unavailable and the UI will change accordingly
    • Added “Online score” button to access the web global scores
  • Learn more:
    • The pictures have a smaller spacing on the portrait mode
  • About:
    • Added app icon and resized existing logos

V1.2.0 – 09/11/2017

  • New online feature: the score will be uploaded on a database online(when internet is available) where you can compare the score with other players, just like a leaderboard
  • UI overhaul with a new and improved look
  • Added animations
  • Improved performance
  • Improved responsiveness
  • Bug fixes and enchantements

V1.0 – 22/05/2017

  • Released

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